Milagros is a Psychic and Intuitive Counselor who specializes in Relationships, Career, Targeting and working through traumas to release pain and heal, life path and purpose and channeling messages from ascended masters and spiritual guides.

Whether you have a burning question on a specific matter or you feel you are at a crossroads and looking for clarity, you can benefit from her guidance to help you gain a deeper understanding of the situation in hand.

You can contact me if you have any doubt and in order to schedule the reading. The payment should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

All payments are via PayPal both for your security and mine.

I offer the following types of readings:

30 minute Skype Video Call or Telephone reading – $35 ($5 discount – from $40):

With the focus on a specific topic

60 minute Skype Video Call or Telephone reading – $59 ($10 discount – from $69):

For in-depth questions. We can cover more than one topic.

40 minute therapeutic reading via Skype – $50:
If you need to “dig into your past” and find the root to overcome situations that have become a burden and don’t let you move on. This reading helps you get a deeper understanding and move forward in life with a wider perspective and determination to face tomorrow. It specializes in healing through recognition of images, helps you target the roots of unhealthy patters in order to effectively solve them.

Looking for an Express reading?. To be scheduled 48 hours or less from the time of the booking


  • I try to offer bookings as soon as my time availability allows (normally within 4-8 working days). For urgent readings, please do complete the contact form or send me an email to
  • The payment should take place before we schedule the appointment. In exceptional cases in which a date and time is proposed prior to the payment, the PayPal payment should be done at least 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the appointment is not confirmed and I can allocate someone else at the proposed time slot.
  • The appointment times and time frames of the readings should be respected. If there are many topics to address, a 60 minute reading is the right choice.
  • If there are still “clarification” questions within the lines of which has been addressed in the reading, you can always send me a mail or message and I will gladly clarify. Same applies for feedback.
  • For online readings: the name, date of birth and a photo of the person who requests the reading and any other person you wish to ask about should be sent to me prior to the reading. It is necessary for me to have received this data in order to do the reading. Please, do not book the reading is you don’t feel comfortable with this requirement. The reason I request this data is because we do not have a face-to-face interaction and this helps me to better connect with the energies involved. Please, rest assured that your information is safe, confidentiality is vital to my work and your data won’t be shared, nor reproduced, I can delete it upon your request after we have finished with the reading. Just keep in mind that if it has been deleted, you need to resend it should you book a new reading later on.
  • Please, set a reminder and be on time for the appointment. There is a tolerance timeframe of 15 minutes, I normally have other readings scheduled right after yours and I have to be on time to fulfil them.
  • If you cannot make it on time to the appointment, please do let me know as soon as possible, so that we can re-schedule the reading and I can assign the time slot to another client. If you don’t show up to the appointment without previous notice, I cannot longer refund the reading because it’s already one missed spot for me but (under certain exceptional circumstances) we can re-schedule once without additional charge, since I understand that inconveniences can come up. If you don’t show up or decide to cancel the appointment last minute for a second time, it will no longer be possible to re-schedule for a third time without charge. I have limited availability and every missed spot for me is one that I cannot longer allocate to another client.
  • I don’t offer (non-paid) chat sessions outside the appointments I provide, it’s important to keep certain boundaries, when you attend to a session with a psychologist, you are expected to respect certain guidelines, see this as a similar process. This is my work and I do have limited time as we all do nowadays.
  • What you will see during the consultation is the Tarot cards, I do not often appear on camera, specially if you aren’t a regular client. Some people tend to record sessions without my authorization and I do not allow my personal image to be used for purposes unknown. If this term is not respected and you have already been assigned an appointment, a refund does not proceed as it constitutes a lost spot in my agenda.
  • I hold the right to ban any client from booking any further appointments or declining a reading request if I see any behaviour I deem inappropriate, intrusive and disrespectful towards me or my work. In the case of declining a request, you’ll get a full refund. But in the case that we are already into the appointment and a spot has been assigned to you, there is no refund possibility as the spot is already unassignable to another client.
  • Tarot work involves a great amount of energy and takes years and effort to learn and perfect. It’s a never-ending learning process that although hard, is gratifying but it is still a work that should be respected as such.
  • In regards to health, a psychic advice should never replace a doctor’s opinion, for which is advised to address medical matters accordingly.
  • I am not offering magical work options such as energetic cleansings, bindings or spells of any kind. I do respect free will and do not participate in interfering with it. If during the reading, I find out that such work has been performed against you or someone else, I will inform you about it and refer you to the right solution accordingly.
  • If you are looking to book a Tarot Lesson with me, you can contact me and we will arrange on the fares and number of sessions according to your level of knowledge on the matter.